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Different types of arm sleeves

Peta 12 de February, 2024 0 comments

There are so many kinds of arm sleeves – tattoo sleeves, compression sleeves, arm sleeves to keep you warm… so let´s give it a look.

  • Tattoo sleeves: If you are not comfortable yet of getting tattoo you can buy this type of sleeve with so many colors and patterns to avoid the pain. You just put it on your arm and wear it in style.
  • Compression sleeves: Athletes use it the most because of the pressure they create on their arm when they are running. People use it when they have pain in their elbow or wrist to strengthen it. You can also buy compression sleeve on a knee or compression sock on a foot.
  • Thermal sleeves: These sleeves protect you against cold. They are made from breathable materials which also wick away sweat. It´s the perfect choice for outdoor acivities such as cycling or running early in the morning.
  • Length: Everywhere are people wearing short or long shirts. You would say that it´s called short or long but no – everything has a name. Here are several types of these sleeves: bell, poet, puffed, kimono, bracelet, petal, french, cape, cowl, marie, latern, roll up…

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