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Evolution of sport arm sleeves

Peta 8 de February, 2024 0 comments

The evolution of sport arm sleeves has seen a significant transformation over the years, driven by advancements in materials, technology, and a better understanding of sports science.

  • Sport arm sleeves were simple made from traditional cloth materials. They were primarily used for basic compression and to keep the arm warm.
  • As sports science progressed, the focus shifted towards compression technology. Sleeves started to be made from elastic materials that provided a snug fit, better blood circulation and reducing muscle vibration.
  • With the advent of moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester and spandex, athletes saw the benefits from sleeves that kept their arms dry by wicking away sweat. Materials such as nylon offered improved durability, flexibility, and breathability, making the sleeves more versatile for various sports and conditions. As awareness of sun protection grew, manufacturers started incorporating UV protection features into sport arm sleeves. This addition helped protect athletes from harmful ultraviolet rays during outdoor activities.
  • With advancements in manufacturing techniques, athletes can now personalize their arm sleeves with team logos, colors, and individual designs.

Short recent story

  • In 2001, NBA player Allen Iverson was dealing with elbow pain during the game. His trainer, Lenny Currier, decided to improvise and cut up a sleeve to reduce the Iversons pain in his right elbow and made an arm sleeve. After the debut of the arm sleeve, Under Armour reached out to Currier and gave Iverson a customized nylon sleeve, proof that anything popular in sports and culture can and will be commercialized. The UA arm sleeve was stitched together by hand by an elderly lady.
  • In years, the arm sleeve has demonstrated very strong staying power, both for its practical use and as a fashion statement. An NBA spokesperson revealed that the best non-apparel item sold by the league were sleeves. This was more than a half-decade after Iverson first popularized it.

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